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January 22, 2010


You make some good points "SockRolid" but "mandatory accessory" is a new term and not likely something that Apple will be introducing now or in the future.

I think styli are critical for ultra-precise control of drawing and other creative work in Photoshop and other apps like it. Obvious. Artists are used to using brushes, pencils, chalk, etc.

But another thing that Apple must certainly be working on is retail point-of-sale signature capture. I'm not sure it's a good idea to just swipe peoples' credit cards and let them walk out the door. I think it's always better to get a signature, even electronic. So, when you're snapping up a Magic Mouse (or an Apple Canvas?) at your local Apple Store, you'd sign the screen of your friendly Apple employee's iPod Touch with the fancy stylus.

As for using a stylus on my personal iPhone? Hell no. If it becomes a mandatory accessory for accurate text input, then I'll switch to a Nexus One or some other non-stylus handset in a heartbeat.

It reminds me of Livescribe which is very very cool.


It should be noted that Apple is an assignee to this patent from an outside source. The fact that the patent is noted as being a continuation patent isn't relevant here because it's not Apple's original patent. It just proves that the party Apple is licensing from has been on this technology for a while. That is a good thing, proving that Apple thinks it's a proven technology.

One of the inventors noted in the patent, Adiel Abileah, was an inventor at OIS Optical Imaging Systems which has since gone out of business.

Patently Apple goes out of their way not to report on continuation patents from Apple. This is a different case, making it very relevant in the big picture.

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