Apple Wins 4 Industrial Design Patents Covering the iPod nano, LED Cinema Display, MacBook Air SuperDrive & Keyboard with Number Keypad
Apple Plans Touch Based Graphic Equalizer for Media Players

Apple Wins Patents for Nike + iPod, Stereo Headset, Virtual Keyboard, Camera & Multi-Touch Technologies

Nike + iPod Wireless Antennas Icon 
Beyond the four design patents that were granted to Apple this morning, the US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 14 other newly granted patents that were issued to Apple today. The notables within this group include two key patents relating to the Nike + iPod product covering various antenna technologies and the iPod/iPhone adapter, Apple's iPhone Stereo Headset, another virtual keyboard patent, an important multi-touch/multi-event touch patent and lastly a camera related patent covering the prevention of  media file damage.


Granted Patent: The Antennas for the Nike + iPod (For iPod & Shoe)


In a recent Robert X. Cringely report he stated that "Apple files for a lot of patents that may or may not find their way into products. Over the past three years, the Cupertino crew has sought to patent ways to embed sensors into clothing (like running shoes) that communicate with iPods and iPhones…. We haven't seen any of those things appear in Apple products... yet." Well, Mr. Cringely may have enthusiastically overstepped his all knowing authority on patents with that statement because today's patent makes the link between the Nike+ iPod product and Apple's technology. In today's granted patent we clearly see that the embedded shoe antenna and the antenna attached to the iPod and or older iPhone are in fact one in the same and in the marketplace under the Nike + iPod product. (Click to enlarge the graphic.)

Nike + iPod Wireless Antennas Icon 

Apple credits Shu-Li Wang, Juan Zavala and Christopher David Prest for granted patent 7,623,077 originally filed in Q4 2006. 


Granted Patent: Relates to the Nike + iPod Wireless Communications Adapter


Further to Apple's first granted patent noted above covering antenna technology related to the Nike + iPod product, Apple's second granted patent titled Antenna for portable electronic device wireless communications adapter specifically covers the wireless communications adapter as noted in patent FIG.4 below.  


Nike + iPod wireless communications adapter

Apple credits Shu-Li Wang as the sole inventor of granted patent 7,623,078, originally filed in Q4 2006.


Granted Patent: iPhone Stereo Headset


Today's granted patent covers Apple's iPhone Stereo Headset. The iPhone Stereo Headset provides superior comfort, fit, and sound quality. The Stereo Headset also features a high performance microphone — fitted with a windscreen for added clarity — that is positioned inline on the cabling for the right earphone. The microphone capsule also serves as a Send/End button, for answering and ending of iPhone calls, and it even controls basic music playback.

Apple's iPhone Stereo Headset Patent 

Apple's patent FIG. 38 is a chart showing illustrative actions that may be taken in an electronic device in response to user input such as user input supplied to an accessory that is connected to the electronic device in accordance with embodiments of the present invention.  The graphic above also includes the original scribble representing the concept of the headset with the actual headset set shown directly above FIG. 5.


Apple credits Wendell B. Sander, Jeffrey Terlizzi, Douglas Farrar, Timothy Johnston, Brian Sander, Brian Conner and Jesse Dorogusker as the inventors of granted 7,623,667, originally filed in Q3 2008.


Granted Patent: System and Method for Recognizing Touch Typing under Limited Tactile Feedback Conditions


Apple's granted patent relates to a recent patent report titled Apple Wins Hot Virtual Keyboard Patent with Many Interesting Twists. Today's patent sheds further light on the subject.



A system is disclosed for recognizing typing from typing transducers that provide the typist with only limited tactile feedback of key position. The system includes a typing decoder sensitive to the geometric pattern of a keystroke sequence as well as the distance between individual finger touches and nearby keys. The typing decoder hypothesizes plausible key sequences and compares their geometric pattern to the geometric pattern of corresponding finger touches. It may also hypothesize home row key locations for touches caused by hands resting on or near home row. The resulting pattern match metrics may be combined with character sequence transition probabilities from a spelling model. The typing decoder then chooses the hypothesis sequence with the best cumulative match metric and sends it as key codes or commands to a host computing device.


Apple credits Wayne Carl Westerman as the sole inventor of granted patent  RE40,993, originally filed in Q1 2006. It should be noted that this was a Re-Examination patent. Original dates are scattered amongst other filings and should be consulted to determine an accurate originating filing date. 

Granted Patent: GPIO mux/dynamic port configuration


Technically, Apple's granted patent generally relates to ASIC logic designs, and more particularly, to dynamically configurable routing logic coupled between physical I/O ports and special purpose I/O associated with functions within a panel ASIC that provides for a number of different routing configurations. The ASIC logic designs relate to Multi-touch and multi-event sensor panels which cover multi-hover sensors.



Apple credits Christopher Horst Krah and Richard Reeve for granted patent 7,622,950, originally filed in Q1 2007.


Granted Patent: System and Method for Preventing Damage to Media Files within a Digital Camera Device


This is a reissued patent that stems back to Apple's original work on camera technology back in 2001. According to Apple's long winded abstract, the patent is about a system and method for preventing damage to media files within a digital camera which comprises of a power manager for detecting power failures, an interrupt handler for responsively incrementing a counter device and a removable memory driver for performing memory access operations, evaluating the counter device to determine whether a power failure has occurred during the memory access operation and for repeating the memory access operation whenever a power failure has occurred during the memory access operation.


Camera Related Patent 

Apple credits Eric C Anderson as the sole inventor of Reissued patent RE41,014 which dates back to 2001. The last filing occurred on July 17, 2003.


Granted Patent: Image Scaling Arrangement: Methods and system for transferring images between devices are disclosed. For example, differently scaled images by a host device may automatically and/or selectively be transferred to a media player for display. In turn, appropriately scaled images may be transferred automatically and/or selectively to another display device for example a TV, camera or printer. The selectivity may occur either at the host level or at the player level. For more information, see Granted patent 7,623,740.


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