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October 22, 2009


Isn't ad subsidized notebook was boasted by somebody few years ago.

As a long time Apple user "Webomatica" why would a subsidized OS, which you wouldn't use nor have to, make you switch to Windows? If this doesn't apply to you, what's the problem?

As a long time Apple user, I always wondered what exactly Apple could do to get me to switch to Windows. Well, this is pretty much it.

With the future of some publishing media in doubt, and an Apple tablet computer rumored, I can see advertisements subsidizing a subscription to or purchase of digital content. The hardware subsidy is hard to predict success; but this system would yield higher advertising revenue as it's targeted and monitored. Think of Apple's user profile along with their personal interests revealed dynamically. This would lessen the quantity of ads needed for a digital subscription or book purchase.

Macuser's report is sooooo lame. They come in late in the day and just go with the crowd of sheep. Baaaaad. Steve Jobs puts his name on patents like the ipod and iphone. So I think it matters when "the man" wants his name on something, even if the macuser writer doesn't think so. I'll trust Steve Jobs over Macuser's writer any day.

hmmm echoes the old days of e-machines ad supported dialup email too..

bad taste in my mouth.

Apple is warning Google. You wanna be in my face, I'll get in yours. How do you like them Apple's. Pardon the pun.

We have all been using ad-supported media (radio, TV) since the day we were born, so what's the big deal? They have found a way to keep the MadMen busy into the future!

This doesn't seem like something Steve Jobs would do. If this really becomes reality, Apple's going to turn into a HUGE advertising company, which totally doesn't seem like their kind of thing.

This sounds fantastic if it's opt-out, as users can try before they buy, sampling, for instance, a monthly ad-subsidized periodical before purchasing a subscription, and when purchasing, they can elect to pay full-price or a lesser price-plus-ads.

I can see Apple doing using this as per Bill Garrett's comment, but in addition, this might be the way to have ad supported movies, TV, music etc. where Apple gets the revenue stream. It will not be obnoxious in your face advertising.. not with Steve Jobs name on it anyway.

I don't think Apple would devise a system to completely discourage a newbie. That's not the purpose of such a proposal and Apple isn't Dell or some other schmuck company. Apple will ensure that you do have to look at an ad, maybe once in a while go to a website to look at something. So what. Apple will do it with class like they do everything. Well almost everything. I hate ads. But I also don't pay $1.99 to buy TV shows from iTunes when I could PVR it and get the show for free. Apple will make a kid or granny (as Donny said), happy to get a hold of a Mac mini (or whatever) or a low end iPhone instead of an Android phone. In China, India, the Middle East etc they'll eat it up. You're only thinking of parts of North America. There's a world out there that will jump on this with a big THANK YOU APPLE.

I find that pop up ads in web pages are enough to make me turn off the computer and find something else to do.this would cause me to deposit said device in the round file.

And, corrected already, with a nice emailed note of thanks. Well played.

"...no way for users to get around not playing their ads."

So the user has to NOT play their ads? Perhaps it should read "...no way for users to get around playing their ads." Sorta like people who say, "I miss not seeing them anymore."

I'm fascinated by these comments ("disgusting!"). What exactly is disgusting about it?

Let's see (for those who are so myopic, they don't get it): I can buy a MacBook Air for $500. I take it home, set it up, and am presented with two choices: 1. Go through the set-up process for the ad software and watch ads every so often in order to continue to use my MBA; or 2. Pay additional $800 and the ad software is automatically purged from the system.

If you want to buy at full price, you will never see an ad. For those people who could never afford Apple hardware before, this will be an exciting option. One could, for example, watch ad after ad while waiting in line at the DMV, or on a bus, thereby earning a lot of free usage time for later.

This is the most effective and efficient way of connecting manufacturers (and service providers) with consumers.

Ha! Apple doesn't have to run the ads themselves. Just own the patent so Apple gets a cut whenever Dell, etc. decide to run ads on their own low-end stuff.

Revenge is sweet.

What's to be disgusted with? If you don't want it, don't buy into it. I like high end Macs so this means nothing to me. So what if Apple reaches down to challenge Dell? I say all the bloody power to them! Go for it Apple.

While it's not for me, I think that subsidizing a low end Mac mini is no harm to me if it helps students and grandmas to try out a mac. What's the harm here? Apple doesn't have to be a snob to be "cool." Great idea guys!

Don't want it, won't buy any of this goofy idea.
What is apple thinking?

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