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1 - Apple wins patent for iPod video Headset Display
The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of ten newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. One of the notables within this group which is by far the story of the day, relates to a powerfully strategic patent covering Apple's proposed advanced video headset.  This paves the way for Apple to boldly move this project to the front burner as it is now fully patent protected. In light of Apple's newly designed iPod Nano with video, we can see that Apple's next bold move in their iPod family could very well be the introduction of an iPod video headset display. The headset display could easily double as an iPod itself due to the miniaturization of components now found in today's video iPod nano. Imagine this video headset display also being able to contain a built-in video camera so that you could record hands free. And – the patent states that the video headset display design will also sport an advanced zooming feature that will allow the glasses, when not in video mode, to double as a next generation binocular headset. You'll be able to use this feature at concerts or sporting events to see your favorite artist or athlete close up no matter where you're sitting. That's in addition to it being your own private movie theatre. Can it get any cooler? 



Granted Patent: Head Mounted Display System


Apple has been granted patent 7,595,933 for a futuristic head mounted display system. Details of Apple's exciting patent were first revealed in April 2008. The proposed video headset could be another twist in Apple's iPod line-up and double as a next generation binocular device. The user will be able to comfortably zoom in on images with just a button or likely a remote attached to the glasses, very much like Apple's Remote with Mic today. This will be an excellent way to enjoy watching a music artist that is some distance from your seat or any event attended - be it a NASCAR race or football game. This is a huge strategic win for Apple who could now boldly advance the product to market knowing it is fully patent protected. Other possible advances were presented in the report's opening paragraph.


2 - head mounted display system

Apple credits Robert Schlub, Robert Hill, Juan Zavala and Ruben Caballero as the inventors of granted patent 7,595,759 which was originally filed in January 2007.


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