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Apple is issued an Extreme Sporting Patent Revealing New Devices!

1 - Apple issued Extreme Sporting Patent
The USPTO has officially revealed one of Apple's great Issued Patents which covers extreme sports. Apple is apparently working on an activity monitoring system that uses speed and loft sensors amongst others to monitor ski, snowboard and mountain bike jumps. For example, a typical snowboarding person might regularly exclaim after a jump that she "caught" some "big sky," "big air" or "phat air" without ever quantitatively knowing how much time really elapsed in the air. Apple's invention is to provide an apparatus and method for determining the "air" time of participants in sporting activities. The system is also shown to work with a monitoring watch, very much like a Polar style device. As in the case of Apple working with Nike, Apple may now be working with leaders in other sporting arenas. Whether Apple will modify the iPod in any way or simply debut a series of new devices like a smart-watch is unknown at this time. But for now, it's clear that Apple has their eyes on advancing deeper into the sporting market. Extreme Sport enthusiasts - get ready!  


Activity Monitoring System: Note Speed and Loft Sensors and Device GUI


2 - Activity monitoring system, Apple granted patent


System used when Skiing down a Mogul Course


3 - System used when skiing down a mogul course


Snowboarding Systems used with Watch Transmission System


4 - snowboard system with watch transmission system


Switch and Capacitance-Based Loft Sensors under Ski Boots


5 - smart ski boots


Mountain Bike Application


6 - mountain bike application

Apple's patent reveals that the inventors are from Massachusetts and Boulder Colorado as being Curtis A. Vock, Peter Flentov and Dennis Darcy. Curtis Vock is from PhatRat which suggests that has acquired this patent being that it has been granted to Apple. For more information, see granted patent 7,512,515.


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