Last week Apple filed patents for devices with Scrollable Displays, Gaze-based Dictation & setting-up Face ID using the Dynamic Island
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Apple's current app-centric model for devices could evolve to one that is AI centric and provide a new vision for AI Glasses & other new devices


Tomorrow during Apple's WWDC keynote, the company will be focused on delivering their first wave of AI features. Unfortunately, the vast majority of AI features will only work with the iPhone 15 Pro and all iPhone 16 models. The company is hoping to pressure their user base to upgrade en masse due to get in on Apple's next-gen AI apps and features.

Yet beyond the iPhone 16, future devices will be designed to better use voice control and serve up information just when customers need it, rather than forcing them to stare at a display filled with apps. This will eventually reinvent the iPhone's interface as we know it.

In the artificial intelligence era, the app approach on devices won’t cut it. AI is meant to handle tasks for you, rather than forcing you to visit apps to do work. And upgrading software on a once-a-year cadence won’t be fast enough to keep up with rivals.

Of course this will take years for Apple to evolve to a new dynamic. Even when the company introduces AI-focused versions of its latest operating systems on Monday, it'll largely be following the same game plan. The software will get a big annual upgrade, and Apple remains heavily reliant on the app approach.

The current wave of AI-centric hardware products, like the Humane Ai Pin and Rabbit R1, have been failures at this point. Yet, it does seem like the technology industry is on the cusp of a revolution. Sooner or later, the traditional smartphone as we know it will be supplanted — and it’s increasingly clear that some kind of AI-intensive device is the next big thing.


For now, Apple's hoping that their first round of AI services will capture the imagination of customers and spur on a new surge of iPhone sales. Anyone with a device below the iPhone 15 Pro will feel locked out of the new capabilities — potentially bringing a so-called supercycle of upgrades.

Possible next-gen devices that will be able to utilize an AI model include smartglasses, home robotics, next-gen AirPods, Vision Pro and more. Mark Gurman also points to Siri getting a big AI update in 2025. Today, I think Siri is a completely useless digital assistant. 80% of the time it never gets any right on Apple TV queries. Will Siri finally deliver the goods? Only time will tell.   For more, read the full newsletter from Mark Gurman here.

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