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Apple announced today that starting this fall, AirPods software updates will transform the way users respond to Siri, take calls with friends and loved ones, and immerse themselves in their favorite games. Delivering a seamless, hands-free experience, Siri Interactions allow AirPods Pro users to privately respond to Siri with a simple head nod yes or shake no. For even clearer call quality, Voice Isolation comes to AirPods Pro, helping ensure the caller’s voice is heard in loud or windy environments. AirPods updates also significantly reduce audio latency while gaming, and add Personalized Spatial Audio for even more immersive gameplay.

AirPods are one of the best ways to interact with Siri on the go, and with Siri Interactions, that experience gets even more personal, private, and convenient. AirPods Pro users will be able to simply nod their head yes or gently shake their head no to respond to Siri announcements,

In a 2009 Apple patent that we covered, Apple revealed "that POM sensors could also be engineered right into future iterations of Apple headphones. An associated application would require a yes or no input from the user. So a simple nod up and down would be a yes instruction and a left to right nod to signify a no response." A 2023 Apple patent describes what could be coming in the future regarding head gestures working with AirPods.

Apple notes in their press release today the head gestures are particularly helpful in crowded or quiet areas where they may not want to speak out loud. Enabled by machine learning on the H2 chip, Siri Interactions allow users to answer or dismiss calls, interact with messages, manage notifications, and so much more — all without speaking.

Since their introduction, AirPods have been a convenient way to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. To deliver the best call quality no matter the environmental conditions, AirPods Pro introduce Voice Isolation, expanding the game-changing feature available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Machine learning, running on the H2 chip in AirPods Pro and the paired iPhone, iPad, or Mac, isolates and enhances voice quality while removing significant background noise — like wind around the caller — for the listener.

Thanks to their excellent sound quality, AirPods are also an incredible gaming companion, and new updates take that experience even further. Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking will be available for gaming across AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max — delivering the immersive audio customers have come to love when listening to music, or watching movies and shows. When using AirPods Pro, gamers will now have the best wireless audio latency Apple has ever delivered for mobile gaming.1 AirPods Pro users can also enjoy improved voice quality, including 16-bit, 48kHz audio, when chatting with teammates and other players. To make it easier to implement the most immersive listening experience for games with advanced sound design, a developer API is now available.

The AirPods developer beta is available for Apple Developer Program members starting today. Learn more at New AirPods features will be available this fall as a free firmware update. Siri Interactions, Voice Isolation, and improved voice quality will be available with AirPods Pro (2nd generation).

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