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The Majority of Apple's new AI Features will be restricted to iPhone Pro models, new images of iPhone 16 cases with Camera slot & more


A new supply chain report this morning reveals iPhone 16 cases that confirms previous rumors that there is an additional opening under the power button that will expose a new camera button, as presented below.


According to the leaked information about the iPhone 16/Pro series compiled by IT Home, the iPhone 16/Plus will adjust the rear camera layout, introduce operation/photo taking buttons, and the A18 chip will support local AI. The Apple iPhone 16 Pro/Max will have 30 improvements/optimizations.


For more, read the full IT Home report.

In other iPhone 16 news, Mark Gurman states that users wanting Apple's AI features will regretfully require an iPhone 16 Pro or later.

In respect to new Siri features, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed today that Apple is not expected to launch an improved version of Siri in the first official version of iOS 18 to be launched in September. The relevant features are not expected to be officially launched until iOS 18.1/18.2 in 2025.

Currently known "major upgrades" coming to Siri include:

  • Improved responsiveness : The new Intelligent Reply framework will significantly improve Siri’s ability to generate responses, taking into account information such as contacts, companies, calendar events, locations, dates, etc., making responses more accurate and relevant.
  • More natural voice : Improved text-to-speech capabilities will make Siri sound more natural.
  • Cross-device media control : Users can control media playback on one device through Siri on another device, such as controlling Apple TV through Apple Watch. However, this feature is reportedly not available until later in 2024.
  • Message Summary : Users can quickly get an overview of recent notifications through Siri.


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