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A new supply chain report this morning claims that Samsung Electro-Mechanics is supplying multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) as well as tantalum capacitors to Apple. It hasn't been widely reported on even though Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been supplying MLCC and tantalum capacitors to Apple for several years.

Tantalum capacitors are electronic devices that assist MLCC. MLCC is a passive component that stores electricity and stably supplies electricity as needed to active components such as semiconductors. Tantalum capacitors act as a backup to absorb current fluctuations. When the current amount decreases, the tantalum capacitor emits current, and when the current amount increases, the tantalum capacitor absorbs the current. MLCC eliminates high-frequency signal interference (noise), and tantalum capacitors can complement each other by maintaining a stable voltage for a long time. Both products improve power supply quality and stability through their respective characteristics.

The proportion of tantalum capacitors in Samsung Electro-Mechanics' sales is small. Last year, 44%, or 3.9 trillion won, of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' total sales of 8.9 trillion won came from the component division. It is known that MLCC accounts for approximately 90% of the component division's sales (KRW 3.9 trillion). The main products of the Component Division include MLCCs, power inductors, chip resistors, and tantalum capacitors. For more, read the full report from The Elec.

While this is somewhat interesting, did Samsung indirectly reveal this factoid to drum up business with other smartphone and tablet OEMs?

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