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Back in February Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claimed that "Apple was exploring the idea of developing new wearable devices — including a fitness ring, smart glasses and even AirPods with cameras — to broaden one of its most important business areas." That rumor seemed to have inspired Meta who is reportedly working on AI-Powered 'Camerabuds' that gather audio and video.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, is diving headfirst into the world of AI-powered wearables with its “Camerabuds” project, combining audio, video, and AI to form the ultimate surveillance capitalism data gathering tool.

The Information reports that Meta is developing AI-powered earphones equipped with cameras, internally codenamed “Camerabuds.” These earphones are designed to leverage AI capabilities for real-time object identification and foreign language translation, potentially revolutionizing how users interact with their surroundings, and providing Meta with an incredible amount of data about the personal lives of wearers–and anyone they come in contact with.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shown a keen interest in the project, reviewing various design concepts for either in-ear earbuds or over-the-ear headphones. The company’s leadership sees AI-powered earphones as the next logical step in the evolution of wearable technology, with competitors likely to follow suit.

To explore the possibilities of this emerging technology, Meta has engaged with Ear Micro, a Kansas-based electronics company specializing in “smart” earphones. However, the project faces several technical challenges, such as potential camera obstruction by long hair and overheating issues, which need to be addressed before the product can become a reality. The Information.

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