Apple's iPhone held the top 4 Best-Selling Smartphones Worldwide in Q1 2024 pushing Samsung's high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra to 5th spot
Apple is reportedly working with TSMC on a new AI Chip for Data Centers

In Q1-24 Apple's iPad was the Top Tablet Worldwide with Samsung a distant second


According to a new analytical report, worldwide tablet shipments increased modestly by 1% in the first quarter of 2024, reaching 33.7 million units. This growth follows four consecutive quarters of year-on-year declines and is thanks to a revival in consumer spending and the stabilization of global economies.

Once again, Apple remained at the top of the worldwide tablet market in Q1 2024, with 12.0 million iPads shipped, giving it a 36% market share. The report didn't breakdown iPad sales per model.

Samsung was a distant second with 20% market share. The hyped Huawei was in third with only 8% market share. The bulk of Huawei's sales were limited to China.

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Canalys Research Manager Himani Mukka noted that “Of particular note is Apple’s anticipated move to incorporate OLED screens in the iPad Pros, signaling a significant landmark in display technology preference across the top vendors’ tablet portfolios. Additionally, 2024 is set to bring about a rise in new tablet form factors and functionality, with manufacturers focusing on both foldable designs.

In addition, "The tablet market is on track to stabilize above pre-pandemic levels, supported by a gradual recovery trajectory. The realization of postponed commercial and government deployments from last year and the rapid expansion of 5G infrastructure in untapped markets will bolster refresh demand for tablets.”

With new OLED iPads due to debut tomorrow, Apple's CFO stated during Apple's Financial Conference call that "we expect iPad revenue to grow double-digits," in the next quarter.

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