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On May 7th, Patently Apple posted a repot titled "Apple is reportedly working with TSMC on a new AI Chip for Data Centers." On May 9th we posted a second report titled "Apple to Power its AI Tools via new In-House Server Chips." Today, United Daily News reports that with Apple rushing towards AI, high-level executives from Apple and TSMC secretly met.

It is reported in the industry that Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams recently visited TSMC in Taiwan in a low-key manner . TSMC President Wei Zhejia personally received the reception. Both parties will focus on Apple's development of self-developed AI chips and will contract with TSMC's advanced process production capacity to produce related chips and other matters. , adding strong momentum to TSMC’s order intake.

According to legal analysis, Apple’s active development of innovative applications requires more support from the latest semiconductor technology. It has previously taken the lead in contracting TSMC’s first batch of 3nm production capacity.

Apple has begun to enter the AI ​​server side, using the Arm architecture to create a self-developed AI computing processor in a semi-customized form. In addition to using TSMC's advanced process for mass production, due to the high computing performance of the AI ​​server It will affect the computing power. It will be built with TSMC's SoIC advanced packaging process, which has the highest production cost, and the processor will be integrated in a 3D stacking method. However, due to the high cost, Apple should not have plans to expand to terminal devices in the short term.

Next, Apple will develop three different levels of M4 processors codenamed Donan, Brava, and Hidra to fully seize the AI PC business opportunities. It is expected to enter the mass production stage at TSMC in the second half of this year, and will be sealed by ASE Investment Control. Measurement.

If it subsequently orders the first batch of 2nm or even more advanced process production capacity,  TSMC's annual revenue and output will steadily reach new highs. This year, it has the opportunity to reach NT$600 billion, a new high. It will challenge the long-term challenge of reaching trillions of dollars and write a new milestone.

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