Apple wins Patent for a new Ultra-Accurate Object Tracking System using Radar for MacBooks, Smart Glove, Smart Display & more
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Today Apple was granted 63 patents covering Vision Pro's Prescription Lens ID System and much more

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Today the U.S Patent Office granted Apple 63 newly granted utility. In this particular report we briefly cover Vision Pro's Prescription Lens ID System. And as always, we wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple this week.

Transparent Insert Identification

Apple's granted patent 11948043 covers devices, systems, and methods that use a marking on a transparent surface (e.g., a prescription lens insert for an HMD) to identify information (e.g., prescription parameters) about the transparent surface.

In some implementations, the markings do not interfere with eye tracking through the transparent surface or using the transparent surface to view virtual content or a physical environment. In some implementations, image data is obtained from an image sensor of an electronic device, the image data corresponding to a transparent surface attached to the electronic device. Then, a code is identified in the image data, wherein the code is detectable on the transparent surface by the image sensor without interfering with a function of the electronic device involving the transparent surface. In some implementations, content is provided at the electronic device based on the identified code, wherein the content is viewable through the transparent surface.


For full details, review granted patent 11948043.

This Week's Remaining Granted Patents

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