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Musk's X Platform begins a program to Reward 'Influential' users with Free Premium Features

1-cover-Musk's-XImage Credit: Bastian Riccardi/Unsplash

It's being reported this morning that Elon Musk’s social media site X has officially begun to roll out free premium features, including verification badges known as “blue checks,” in an effort to reward what it calls "influential" people on the platform.

For most users, X Premium is a paid subscription service that can be opted into. It includes three tiers, “Basic,” “Premium” and “Premium+” according to the X Help Center. By subscribing, users get access to exclusive features, like the option to display a blue checkmark on their profile. The Basic web offering starts at $32 a year in the U.S., while Premium+ costs $168.

Musk said last week that every account on the platform with more than 2,500 verified subscriber followers would get Premium features for free, while accounts with more than 5,000 would get Premium+ for free. X CEO Linda Yaccarino shared Musk’s post late Wednesday as the features began rolling out.

Lastly, the CNBC report noted that It was unclear how long users will have access to free premium features, or if it will be possible for them to opt out of the service.

On paper, it sure sounds like a sophisticated sales trap. Musk should be forced to spell out if this is a permanent feature for their influencers or a limited time offer. If it's the latter, Musk should spell out exactly how long the offer is good for.  

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