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Two years ago, Apple supplier Largan had purchased a large number of ALD atomic layer deposition (ALD) plating machines designated by Apple for more than 100 million yuan each (US$13.9 million each). When the iPhone 15 series was launched last year, Largan reaped huge coating business opportunities.

Now a new opportunity for Largan could possibly be in the works for the iPhone 16 or 17. Lin Enping, chairman of Largan, revealed yesterday that a new plastic film has passed customer testing, but is still uncertain whether it will be utilized in time for the iPhone 16.

United Daily News further notes that there is speculation that the "customer" that Lin Enping referred to may have been Apple. Lin Enping didn't talk about the order status of a single customer yesterday. However, when the legal representative asked about the progress of plastic coatings, Lin Enping said that in terms of coatings, Largan currently only does adhesion and coating. If plastic design is adopted, stray light (flare) and dropout will be eliminated [in cameras]. "Also, plastic protects the camera lenses much better in a fall incident.

According to market analysts, the biggest selling point of last year’s iPhone 15 was that the Pro flagship was equipped with a periscope lens for the first time, exclusively supplied by Largan. The lens is equipped with two glass lenses, supplied by Luqi Crystal Optoelectronics. The news today suggests that Apple is aiming to replace the glasses lenses with plastic ones.

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