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An Apple Patent delves into the use of Vision Pro's Lenticular Display for Vision Pro and claims that the 3D display effect could come to Macs+

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In September 2023, Patently Apple posted a granted patent report that covered Apple Vision's Lenticular Display and more. This feature came to life with Vision Pro's 'EyeSight' feature. During the WWDC23 keynote, Mike Rockwell, VP, Technology Development Group, stated at one point that "EyeSight utilizes a unique curved OLED panel with a Lenticular Lens to project the current perspective of your eyes to each person looking at you. The result is a 3D display that makes the device look transparent.

Apple's patent stated that "The lenticular display may have a lenticular lens film formed over an array of pixels. The lenticular lenses may be configured to enable stereoscopic viewing of the display such that a viewer perceives three-dimensional images. The display may have a number of independently controllable viewing zones. An eye and/or head tracking system may use a camera to capture images of a viewer of the display.

Apple's patent FIG. below is a diagram of an illustrative lenticular display with a plurality of discrete viewing zones that present a 3D image of the Vision Pro user.


Although the main focus of Apple's patent is aimed at Vision Pro and particularly with their "EyeSight" feature, Apple never wants a patent to be limited to a single device.

In this case, Apple states that beyond Vision Pro (AR/VR headset), their  invention of delivering a 3D-style display may extend to "a laptop computer (MacBook), a computer monitor containing an embedded computer (iMac), a tablet computer (iPad), a cellular telephone (iPhone), a smaller device such as a wrist-watch device (Apple Watch), a gaming device, heads-up display for a vehicle" and more. This would be wild for gaming to be sure. 

Whether we'll actually ever see Lenticular displays come to market beyond Vision Pro is another matter of course.  Though if Apple did it for Vision Pro, who knows where this form of display could go in the future.

To review the full details of this invention and it's 20 new patent claims, check out patent application 20240112628.

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