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A rumor report has suggested that Apple Pencil could gain a new "Squeeze" Gesture that first appeared in a 2022 patent filing


Yesterday, MacRumors posted a report about a recent beta release that hints of Apple Pencil gaining a new "Squeeze" gesture for certain actions, but that details were slim. The gesture may provide users with a quicker way to add a sticker, text box, signature, or shape in image editing apps, the code suggests.

It should be noted that Apple filed a patent describing the "Squeeze" gesture along with a "Sliding" gesture that we extensively covered in an IP report two years ago this month.

Apple described possible new sensors that could be implemented in an Apple Pencil that support user squeezes, multi-taps and/or sliding gestures.

Apple noted that the Apple Pencil (stylus) can allow the user to interface across a touch panel in a pattern that the device translates into an input command. Apple Pencil can include one or more sensors to provide additional input capabilities. For example, Apple Pencil can include one or more sensors to detect a squeezing or compressive force against the body of the Pencil.

Below is list of the possible force sensor types that Apple is considering to use in a future Apple Pencil. The types include strain gauges; force-sensitive resistors; inductive sensors; pneumatic sensors and piezo sensors. 


So the revelation made by Aaron Peris could be a revelation that indicates that the Apple Pencil's patent from 2022 may be coming to life in the not-too-distant future.

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