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In the face of regulatory scrutiny and developer dissent, Apple Inc. stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation, with Phil Schiller, the company's former Chief Marketing Officer, leading the charge in defending its ecosystem. This ecosystem, designed for seamless integration and paramount user security and privacy, has been a cornerstone of Apple's success and consumer trust.

Schiller's Advocacy Shines

Phil Schiller, an emblematic figure in Apple's history, has not shied away from vocalizing the company's intentions to maintain the integrity and safety of the App Store. "I have no qualms in saying that our goal is going to always be to make the App Store the safest, best place for users to get apps," Schiller expressed in a February interview with Fast Company. This is a must read article covering this subject matter. Schiller's dedication to Apple's vision is unwavering, as he continues to serve as an "Apple Fellow," actively engaging in the company's defense against legal and public challenges.

Legal Victories and Strategic Moves

Apple's strategic prowess was on full display as it largely prevailed in the antitrust lawsuit brought by Epic Games in 2021. Schiller, serving as a primary witness, underscored Apple's commitment to a fair and secure platform, highlighting the company's efforts to avoid charging for certain types of app and maintaining a level playing field. Furthermore, Apple's response to the Digital Markets Act in Europe showcases its adaptability and commitment to compliance, while still prioritizing user security and the integrity of the App Store.

Read the full Wall street Journal report titled "Apple Turns to Longtime Steve Jobs Disciple to Defend Its ‘Walled Garden,'" for more insight.

Hopefully Mr. Schiller will make logical arguments and leave runaway emotion out of the equation. In 2012, Schiller tried to defend the iPhone's small display by mocking Samsung's phablet. In describing Apple's new iPhone 5, Phil Schiller stated that "It is really easy to make a new product that's bigger. Everyone does that. The challenge is to make it better and smaller. Schiller thought that Apple outsmarted Samsung because they understood to power of the human thumb. The Phablet won out in the end Apple adopted the larger display format.  

2.Schiller-defending-the-iPhone's-small-display-in 2012

After Steve Jobs passing, there was a lot of talk about Apple losing it's ability to innovate. Phil Schiller in this WWDC13 Keynote stated abruptly: Can't innovated anymore, my ass!  Yet the innovation of the day that Schiller promoted was the cylinder-styled Mac Pro tower;  a Mac that Apple later admitted was a mistake. To be honest, it was thought of as a straight-out disaster.  

Hopefully Mr. Schiller will focus on solid arguments in defense of the App Store and leave runaway emotion out of the equation.

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