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With Huawei's Foldable Smartphone sales having Exploded in China in Q1-24, will it be enough to push Apple into this segment?


The latest report from the research organization DSCC points out that Huawei’s foldable phone shipments have exploded this quarter and are expected to double compared with the same period last year and capture 40% of the market share. It will overtake Samsung and become the world’s folding phone leader for the first time, with a higher market share.

Huawei’s folding mobile phones have imported a large number of Husqada and Zhaolide bearing products, and it is reported that they will also develop "three-dimensional bearings".

According to reports from the supply chain, Huawei expanded the purchase of more panels in the second half of last year in order to further increase its market share of foldable mobile phones. Therefore, in the fourth quarter of last year, BOE’s mobile phone panel supply exceeded that of Samsung Display, including key components such as lenses and bearings. The purchase volume of components has also increased simultaneously, and has continued all the way into the first quarter of this year.

DSCC’s latest forecast data points out that Huawei’s first-quarter shipments are expected to soar 105% compared with the same period last year due to the charge of new folding mobile phones, and its global market share is expected to reach 40%, becoming the world’s leading folding mobile phone for the first time

Currently, non-Apple brands including Samsung, Huawei, Honor, OPPO, vivo, and Motorola have entered the folding mobile phone market. DSCC expects 25 different foldable phones to be shipped this quarter and 27 different foldable phones throughout 2024. The market is promising, and the market penetration of foldable mobile phones is rapidly expanding, which is a big plus for suppliers. For more on this, read the full United Daily News report.

Will Huawei's foldable smartphone surging in Q1-24, will it be an alarm bell for Apple to enter this segment faster than expected? While I'm sure that Apple is watching this trend very carefully, the reality is that foldable smartphones are only projected to take 1.5% of the total smartphone market in 2024. Even if foldable smartphone sales were to surprise the market this year and soar to 3%, it's still not enough for Apple to worry about.

In the big picture, there's no doubt that as foldable smartphones fall  in price to match that of Apple's iPhone Pro pricing, sales will begin to surge. Regardless of what naysayers claim, Apple will enter the foldable smartphone market if their premium smartphone space is truly challenged. Yet until such time, the hype over foldable smartphone sales in context with it's projected market share of 1.5 to 3% in 2024 is simply over the top and unjustified.

Counterpoint' hype about Huawei's foldable smartphone sales "Exploding" is more like a small firecracker going off on New Year's Eve.  Not all that much to get excited about. 

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