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Today Apple was granted 38 patents covering another U.S. Design Patent for 'Vision Pro,' plus 2 new Vision Pro Utility Patents & more

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Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 38 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. In this particular report we cover another design patent for 'Vision Pro' and two utility patents related to Vision Pro covering Display technology. And as always, we wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple this week.

Design Patent: Apple Vision Pro

On March 05, Patently Apple posted a granted patent report that covered U.S. Design D1016811 for Apple Vision Pro. Today, one week later, Apple has won yet another design patent under number D1017603 with a different round of patent figures as presented below. The March fifth design patent covered the Vision Pro Headset in its entirety. Today's design patent focuses on the Head and Audio Bands. 



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1 x Audio and Head Bands

Apple Vision Pro / HMD Granted Utility Patents

11927761 - Head-mounted Display Systems

Abstract: A head-mounted device may have a head-mounted housing. The head-mounted housing may have rear-facing display that displays a three-dimensional image to rear eye boxes. The head-mounted device may also have a front-facing display that faces away from the rear eye boxes. The front-facing display may cover a front face of the head-mounted housing. To share content such as content being displayed by the rear-facing displays with external viewers, the head-mounted device may use the front-facing display or a separate display to display images. An accessory that is coupled to the front face of the housing may reflect an image on the front-facing display towards a viewer for viewing. Sensors in the device may detect presence of the accessory. Display projectors and waveguides or optical layers on the front face that overlap the front-facing display may be used to display three-dimensional images to front eye boxes.

11927757 - Electronic Device Display Having Distortion Compensation

Abstract: An electronic device may have a display panel with an array of display pixels. Light from the display panel may be focused by a lens assembly towards a viewer. The presence of the lens assembly may cause geometric distortion for a viewer viewing images on the display through the lens assembly. To mitigate geometric distortion, geometric distortion compensation may be performed in the electronic device. The electronic device may include both a fixed lens element and a removable lens element in the lens assembly. The removable lens element may be changed, allowing the distortion function associated with the lens assembly to change over time. To dynamically compensate for geometric distortion caused by a lens assembly with a removable lens, ray tracing may be used to determine the geometric distortion caused by the lens assembly depending upon the particular removable lens that is present in the lens assembly.

This Week's Remaining Granted Patents


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