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It's been a Bad News week for Apple after Killing off their Vehicle and microLED Display projects

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It was reported yesterday Shares of Apple Inc. supplier AMS-Osram AG lost the most on record Thursday after the Swiss chipmaker said a customer canceled a key project that could force it to sell part of its Malaysian production site.

Apple had been working with AMS-Osram and other suppliers since around 2018 on components for a revamped display set for future versions of the Apple Watch Ultra, Bloomberg News has reported. The technology for the micro-LED screens includes more bespoke Apple technologies to enable a brighter picture that more accurately reproduces colors.

AMS-Osram had invested heavily in the micro-LED space. The company committed €800 million in 2022 to expand its manufacturing facility in Kulim to produce micro-LED displays. It had expected its first revenue from the technology in 2025. For more, read the full BNN Bloomberg report.

This morning, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo weighed in with three points on the matter, as follow:   

  1. My latest survey indicates that Apple has canceled the Micro LED Apple Watch projects because Apple thought that Micro LED couldn't add significant value to this product, and the production costs are too high to make it economically viable.
  1. Apple has laid off many people from the Micro LED development team. There’s currently no visibility on any Micro LED-related projects. It’s undoubtedly a major setback for Apple, which hopes to own the next generation of display technology to make its products more competitive.
  1. Osram was Apple’s exclusive LED chip supplier for Micro LED. The company’s cancellation of its Micro LED collaboration with Apple means that Apple has no plans to mass-produce Micro LED devices in the foreseeable future."


Kuo's speculation that "Apple thought that Micro LED couldn't add significant value to this product, and the production costs were too high to make it economically viable," seems odd. Apple supplier AMS-Osram committed €800 million in 2022 to expand its manufacturing to produce micro-LED displays for Apple. Apple and AMS-Osram must have had an understanding of the price needed prior to building the plant expansion. Something doesn't fit right in this story at the moment and perhaps we'll learn more about it in the future.

Between this rumor/story and Apple killing off Project Titan, it's been a bad news week for Apple.

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