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A new analytical report posted this morning states that in 2023Q4, Japan’s shipments of mobile phones totaled 8.3 million units, a decrease of 3.5% compared to the same period last year. Additionally, smartphone shipments reached 8.28 million units, representing a decrease of 2.4% YoY. While all quarters of 2023 saw declines compared to the previous year, 2023Q4 recorded shipments exceeding 8 million units, the only quarter to do so. The demand started to improve in the second half of the year, led by Apple, indicating a diminishing impact of inflation due to the weakening yen and carrier inventory adjustments.

Apple continued to lead the smartphone market with strong demand for its iPhone 15 series. Sharp regained its second position in the market with steady following in the elderly segment for its affordable smartphones. Google had the biggest gain and continued on its strong growth trajectory since 2023Q2.

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For more on this, read the full IDC report.

Today, another market analyst Counterpoint issued a smartphone report on China's smartphone market. The problem with this report is that it's only for the first six weeks of calendar Q1 2024. Why report on half a quarter? Was this to get a market reaction by stating that Apple has fallen by 24% year-over-year?

Some are reporting on this today, such as Bloomberg. Reporting on stats that are incomplete is like stopping a relay race halfway through and declaring a winner prematurely. The report comes across as propaganda promoting Huawei that is noted as being up 64% for the quarter thus far.

Patently Apple will wait for reports on the full first quarter smartphone stats in China when they arrive so as to present the true standings for the quarter.

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