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Apple has a dedicated support page titled "How to clean your AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and EarPods." Yet Apple doesn't list any company that could provide AirPods owners with an AirPods Cleaning Kit from Belkin or others that could be found at Walmart. That's somewhat interesting considering that Apple has now filed a patent for an AirPods Cleaning Kit as well as for a new "Cleaning Pen" as noted in the patent figures shown in our cover graphic.  

Apple notes that cleaning kits for wearable devices that are simple to use, are less likely to damage wearable devices, and are effective at cleaning wearable devices. An example can include a cleaning cloth, a softening solution, a brush, and a soft gel, as illustrated in patent FIG. 2 below. 

The cleaning cloth can be a lint-free cloth. The softening solution can be a protein emulsifier. The softening solution can be provided in an ampule or other sealed container. The brush can be formed of an elastomer, such as silicone, to reduce the chance of damage to a wearable device. The brush can have a snowball pattern to further reduce the chance of damage. The soft gel can be a hydrogel solution. The soft gel can be biodegradable and can be provided in a pouch having a tear notch.


An illustrative embodiment of the present invention can provide a cleaning kit in the form of a cleaning pen. The pen can have a soft brush at a first end of a barrel. The barrel can have an opening at a second end. Soft gel can be stored in the barrel and can be ejected from the second end for use in cleaning a wearable device. The second end can be covered by an end cap to prevent the soft gel from drying between uses.

For full details, review Apple's patent application 20240074572. By choosing to go with the Cleaning Pen, Apple would avoid clashing with the likes of Belkin and other accessory suppliers.


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