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Apple will be going all out for AI starting with the iPhone 16 series. In China, Apple intends to partner with Baidu and using their generative AI technology to serve hundreds of millions of mainland Apple fans, triggering a new wave of AI server construction by Baidu. Officially, the WSJ claims that the talks between the two companies is still in the exploratory stages.

The United Daily News reported late yesterday that "Taiwanese manufacturer Inventec has jointly developed an AI computing platform with Baidu, and is an important server foundry partner in Baidu’s “All in AI” strategy. It has become the big winner as Apple and Baidu will quickly attack China's AI market.

The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets reported that in response to the wave of AI, Apple is actively seeking cooperation with large cloud companies around the world, fully introducing AI applications in iPhone 16, and looking for major manufacturers such as Google and OpenAI in the United States.

Due to official requirements in mainland China, the provision of generative AI services for general consumers must be reviewed and approved by relevant authorities in advance. Only mainland companies such as Baidu and Alibaba are allowed. Apple chose Baidu to become its AI service partner in the mainland market.

Foreign media reported that Apple and Baidu have entered into an alliance to enter into negotiations, planning to equip iPhone and other products sold in mainland China with Baidu's generative AI services. By equipping the Chinese version of AI, Apple is expected to enhance Apple's competitive advantage in the mainland market."

Yesterday, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Tim Cook's Trip to China included a Formal Meeting with the Ministry of Commerce." The report noted that Minister Wang Wentao met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and in their press release stated that "China is working to foster new quality productive forces, led by innovation, and enjoys broad prospects in high-tech development such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. This will bring remarkable opportunities for Apple and companies from all around the world.

He encouraged Apple to continue to unlock the Chinese market and achieve shared development with China.

The mention of "artificial intelligence and cloud computing" in the press release would strongly suggest that this was a topic of discussion between China's Minister Wang Wentao and Tim Cook. Apple wanting to partner with a major Chinese company for Generative AI would require the approval of the Ministry of Commerce.

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