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A recent study conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) sheds light on an intriguing trend: the purchasing behavior of Android users switching to iPhone. The study reveals a consistent range of users transitioning from Android to iOS, hovering between 11% and 19% from 2019 to 2023.

Contrary to existing iPhone users who upgrade and often favor the latest models (only 21% opting for older models), a significant portion (29%) of Android switchers gravitate towards the iPhone SE 3, 12, or 13 (including the mini version). This trend extends beyond these specific models, with switchers demonstrating a higher propensity for acquiring older iPhones in general.

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Beyond budgetary considerations, the study highlights the allure of Apple‘s tightly integrated ecosystem as a driving force behind the switch. Features like iMessage, FaceTime, and the seamless integration of AirPods hold significant appeal.

Lastly, the study indicates a possible presence of two distinct segments within the Android switcher demographic. One prioritizing value and affordability, and another seeking the top-tier features and status associated with the latest premium iPhones. For more, read the full Gizchina report.

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