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Intel is set to Release the World's First 1.4nm Chip by 2027 and 1.8nm in 2025 to compete with TSMC's 2nm that Apple will be adopting

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While the AI chip market rumors are heating up between Open AI, Softbank and Nvidia, we're now learning that the race to 1.4nm is about to heat up, even though 2nm chips aren't due until 2025. In a renewed bid to regain semiconductor chip manufacturing leadership it lost to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and Samsung, Intel yesterday unveiled a new technology roadmap, that includes the addition of 14A as the chip behemoth's leading-edge node plan.

Yesterday, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said during the company's first Foundry event, Intel Foundry Direct Connect, that "Today we are announcing Intel 14A for the first time," "You can think about this for 1.4 nanometer technology." The news of 14A is the first time that Intel has provided details of its roadmap beyond 2025. Intel also said it will begin production or their 14A node around 2027.

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Intel is promoting its next-generation 18A technology node(its 1.8nm chipmaking technology) to chip design firms. Intel has also said that it plans to begin production of 18A in late 2024. Intel aims to reclaim its technology leadership in 2025 with 18A. 

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However, TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker, is confident that it would fend off competition from Intel.

TSMC has already confirmed that it will begin volume production of 2nm chips by 2025 as the company plans to beat competitors to be the first to deploy the advanced technology. TSMC also says that its 2nm technology will be the most advanced when it is introduced in 2025.

In May 2023, TSMC showcased its latest technology advances, including progress in 2nm technology and enhanced versions of 3nm chip manufacturing process nodes, including N3P, N3X, and N3AE.

The 2nm chip that TSMC is working on is based on GAA nanosheet transistor architecture and is entirely different from the Finfet infrastructure used for 3nm chips, which are currently the most advanced nodes in production and are in more mature nodes.

AI-era Foundry

During the conference, Gelsigner also announced the launch of what was termed as the 'world's first systems foundry for the AI era'. “AI is profoundly transforming the world and how we think about technology and the silicon that powers it,” said Gelsinger.

During Gelsinger's keynote, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft has chosen a chip design it plans to produce on the Intel 18A process. This is reportedly a $15 Billion contract with Intel.

You could watch yesterday's full  Intel Foundry Direct Connect Keynote below.

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