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1 cover Apple Vision Pro  first ad

After years of following the emerging trend about Apple's XR Headset through patent filings well ahead of media sites, it's excited to know that Apple Vision Pro will officially launch on February 2. Apple has now launched their first Ad for Apple Vision Pro titled "Get Ready,' as presented below. 

1 cover Introducing Apple Vision Pro  graphic from Ming chi Kuo Twitter account and medium site report jan 9  2024

Today, Ming-Chi Kuo noted in his most recent research notes that When Apple announced the Vision Pro last June, the company did a good job showcasing the technology but left out more important information about the product’s position and key applications. If Apple can provide more details of these aspects before the pre-order or launch, it would help maintain sales momentum and attract more developers.

Thanks to the demand from Apple’s core fans and heavy users, the Vision Pro should sell out soon after it is available for pre-order or sale, resulting in a longer shipping time.

The Vision Pro’s MR/XR specifications and software are well above the industry average, so users are sure to be impressed by the product at first glance and can expect to see high praise for the Vision Pro’s user experience on the internet in general after the launch.

Kuo cautiously added that "whether the demand for Vision Pro can be sustained after the novelty wears off is even more important, depending on whether Vision Pro’s product positioning and key applications are clear and correct."

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