Beyond Vision Pro, Apple's 2024 hardware line-up sounds like a boring upgrade year
A new Project Titan patent was published this week describing a next-gen Suspension System with a Vibration Absorber & more

This week new Samsung patents covered a new Galaxy Phone Liquid Cooling system + a Blood Pressure system for the Galaxy Watch

1 cover Samsung patent report

Cooling systems for smartphones have been the focus of many patents and projects. Samsung's Water Carbon Cooling system for their Galaxy Note 9 is one example. This year Apple was granted a patent covering Liquid Cooling and a rumor surfaced in November that Apple is considering the use Graphene in a future iPhone as part of a new iPhone cooling system. As processors get faster and smartphone OEMs push high-level gaming, cooling systems are bound to featue we're likely to see more of in the future.

One of Samsung's latest patent applications published in Europe this week relates to a cooling structure for reducing heat generated from an electronic device.  For example, the cooling structure may use a phase change of a working fluid to reduce the temperature of the electronic device.

In Samsung's Patent FIG. 3 below, the plate #341 may be formed of a metal material. The plate may be formed of a non-metallic material at least partially. In an embodiment, the frame structure #340 may include a plurality of flow path structures #342 configured to guide a flow of a working fluid. The working fluid may reduce heat generated in the smartphone #301 while circulating the plurality of flow path structures 342. For example, the working fluid may include at least one or a combination of water, ammonia, ethanol, methanol, and/or Freon ™. The working fluid may be determined according to its operating temperature range and/or chemical reactivity.

2 Samsung patent figs. 3  5 and 13

Samsung's patent FIG. 5 above is a plan view of channels of a frame structure;  FIG. 13 is a diagram illustrating a frame structure of a second state of smartphone. The working fluid may be transferred through the channels #743, #744 to regions of the channels in the second portion #7412. In the regions of the channels in the second portion, the working fluid may change phase from the gas to the liquid.

For more details, review Samsung's patent application WO/2023/239064.

A Samsung Blood Pressure Patent

Earlier today we posted a report about Apple's 2024 hardware line-up. Mark Gurman touched on Apple Watch working on a blood pressure feature with only the second itteration of it that would actually present users with diastolic and systolic metrics. No timeframe was given for the more useful version of this feature.  

In July 2020 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung is to Introduce Blood Pressure monitoring on the Galaxy Watch to get ahead of Apple Watch, and Microsoft may be next." Yet their system required a Galaxy watch working with a blood pressure cuff.

Apple has several patents on Apple Watch offering a Blood Pressure system (01, 02, 03, 04, and more), two working with a mini-cuff (01 and 02) and many working with a traditional-styled full cuff (01, 02, 03 and more.) With this variety of patents, it's impossible at present to predict which method Apple will eventually adopt.

On December 07, the U.S. Patent Office published Samsung's patent titled "Electronic Device including a Blood Pressure Sensor." You could review the full granted patent here. This patent focuses on a sensor for measuring blood pressure that's not reliant on a traditional inflatable cuff. Who will win the race to introduce a viable blood pressure system for a smartwatch? Only time will tell. 

3 Samsung patent figure for blood pressure feature for Galaxy Watch

10.0x35 Patently Mobile


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