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Apple is planning to offer higher royalties to streams of songs that are mixed using Dolby Atmos

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It's being reported this morning that Apple is planning to give more weighting of royalties to streams of songs that are mixed using Dolby Atmos. Tracks mixed with Dolby Atmos are able to be listened to via the Spatial Audio feature.

For artists and record labels, using Dolby Atmos could lead to higher royalty payments than if they used more conventional means. Furthermore, it is believed that artists will benefit from the increased weighting for using Dolby Atmos even if the Spatial Audio benefits aren't actively listened to by users.

The policy apparently won't just apply to new music. There is an expectation that artists and labels will remix older tracks to use Dolby Atmos to enjoy the higher royalties.

Using Dolby Atmos does involve some extra cost, but it is thought by the sources that mixing using it is "broadly affordable," and so it's worthwhile for artists to take advantage of the offer.

To Apple, it stands to benefit in a number of ways, including increased subscriber counts from users wanting to listen to Spatial Audio recordings. With Apple's audio range including AirPods supporting Atmos playback, it could also enjoy an increase in hardware sales. For more, read the full Bloomberg report.

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