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Apple wins a Patent for future iPhones, iPads and MacBooks with Through-Display Wireless Charging

1 cover charging through display

Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that relates to future iPhones, iPads and even a MacBook display having the capability of wirelessly charging accessories like AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil and future accessories like a smart ring.

Apple notes that for at least some applications, it may therefore be desirable to provide enhanced configurations of personal electronic devices to allow for more reliable and/or convenient wireless charging.

In one embodiment, such a configuration can include an iPad (tablet computer) or iPhone (smart phone) that is configured to allow for a stylus or other accessory to be wirelessly charged on a face of the personal electronic device, e.g., thorough a display of the personal electronic device.

A personal electronic device may be configured to provide wireless charging to an accessory. The personal electronic device can include an enclosure containing components of the personal electronic device. The enclosure can include at least one component defining a face of the enclosure, wherein at least a portion of the face may be transparent to facilitate viewing of a display of the personal electronic device.

A wireless charging assembly may be disposed within the enclosure. The wireless charging assembly can include a core having one or more windings disposed thereon, which may be configured to generate a magnetic flux above the face to couple to the accessory, thereby providing power wirelessly to the accessory when the accessory is disposed at a predetermined location on the face of the enclosure.

The enclosure may be defined by a top glass forming the face, a perimeter frame forming sides of the enclosure, and a back forming a surface opposite the face. The perimeter frame may be metallic or may be made from another material, such as plastic. The back may be glass or may be made from another material, such as plastic or a metal.

Apple's patent FIG. 4 below illustrates an exemplary wireless charging coil configuration for a personal electronic device to facilitate charging of an accessory; FIGS. 5 and 6 illustrate shielding arrangements that may be employed to facilitate charging of an accessory by a personal electronic device; and FIG. 7 illustrates an exemplary wireless charging coil configuration configured to prevent damage to the coil assembly.

2 wireless charging through the glass cover of an iPhone or iPad device

For more details, review Apple's granted patent 11784511.

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