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Apple has Filed for new Trademarks Related to 'SwiftData' with both the U.S. and Hong Kong IP Offices


At this year's WWDC23 Apple introduced "SwiftData" which is a powerful and expressive persistence framework built for Swift. Today the U.S. and Hong Kong IP Offices published two" SwiftData'' related trademarks covering both text and new logo. Apple's WWDC23 training session video introducing 'SwiftData' could be viewed here.

Figurative Trademark for SwiftData

Today, the U.S. and Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Offices have made public one of Apple's latest trademarks. In the U.S. Apple has filed it under #98231916 and under International Class 009 covering "Downloadable application development software; downloadable computer software development tools."


The new trademark was filed in Hong Kong under #306378841 under the same International Class 09 as detailed above.


At the same time, Apple has filed for "SwiftData" text-based trademark in both the U. S. (#98208438) and Hong Kong (#306365007). The trademarks were filed under International Class 09 with slightly different verbiage as follows: "Downloadable computer software for application development; downloadable computer software development tools; none of the foregoing relating to financial communications or the facilitation of financial transactions."

It should be noted that international trademark classes that Apple files their trademarks under are important as the trademark registration will only protect those classes that have been identified in their original application. In a legal battle, the classes filed for originally could make or break a legal case.

10.0X2 Trademarks & Designs Bar



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