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Yesterday we learned that Apple was hard at work on an AirPods overhaul that would roll out in 2024-2025. The AirPods Pro, likely due in 2025, may introduce a new chip(s) and a new design. With a new chip may come new features and today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that points to AirPods Pro responding to in-air hand gestures to control AirPods and more.

Apple's patent FIG. 4A illustrates a user wearing AirPods and 4B depicts a cross-sectional view of the AirPods; FIG. 5 shows the user's hand performing an in-air hand gesture to control an aspect of AirPods. 

2 AirPods-in-air-gestures-and-more

Apple's patent FIG. 6A above illustrates a touch area behind AirPods; FIG. 6B has the touch area on the stem of AirPods; FIG. 9 illustrates AirPods with a button on the back of AirPods while FIG. 10 illustrates a dial control.

In-part, this is a fulfilled patent in terms of using touch on AirPods. The last remaining feature that may come to market is the use of in-air gestures.

Apple has been working on this invention since 2018 and in this patent filing, Apple has added an additional 20 new patent claims. To review its full details, review patent application 20230345155 titled "Wearable Interactive Audio Device." 

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