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The EU Commission is Drunk with Power by Opening a Probe into whether iPadOS should be altered to satisfy the Digital Markets Act

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It's being reported today that Microsoft and Apple face fresh investigations from European Union regulators as part of the bloc’s landmark digital markets clampdown, which could end up forcing significant changes in how the firms do business in the region.   

The likes of Alphabet Inc.’s Google Search, Apple’s App Store and Inc.’s marketplace are among a list of 22 services that fall under the EU’s Digital Markets Act, revealed on Wednesday. Now companies including ByteDance Ltd.’s TikTok and Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook have six months to fall in line with the new rules or challenge them in the EU court. The new rules come into force in March 2024.

The commission has also opened a probe to examine whether Apple’s iPad operating system should be included in the regulation.

It will be illegal for certain platforms to favor their own services over those of rivals. They’ll be barred from combining personal data across their different services, prohibited from using data they collect from third-party merchants to compete against them, and will have to allow users to download apps from rival platforms.

“We are finally reining in the economic power of six gatekeepers, giving more choice to consumers and creating new opportunities for smaller innovative tech companies,” said Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner.

In a statement, Apple stated: “We remain very concerned about the privacy and data security risks the DMA poses for our users."

EU officials are expecting their decisions to be taken to court in cases that’ll likely be drawn out for years. Read the full report on BNN Bloomberg.

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