Apple has updated their patent for a Futuristic All-in-One Glass iMac
Apple is financially backing the replenishment of Globalstar’s existing satellite constellation to support the iPhone's Emergency SOS Service

The 2024 iPad Pro is rumored to be gaining a new Aluminum based 'Magic Keyboard' accessory and more

1 cover x keyboard

In 2024, Apple's Magic Keyboard will be redefined with an aluminum finish to make it more Mac-Like in appearance. While the sturdier design will understandably cost more, it will provide users with a more professional high-end looking accessory.  

As for the iPad, while Gurman notes that Apple was contemplating a 14" iPad Pro and dropped over OLED pricing. In a MacRumors report today, they note all of the rumors that died on the vine about larger iPad displays with one wild rumor about a 16" iPad Pro that shows how inaccurate rumors can be just for the sake of clicks.

While there were rumors and excuses for not introducing a larger iPad Pro display for this year, Xiaomi released a 14" tablet and Samsung released a 14.6" tablet last month to get ahead of Apple. For Apple's premium iPad Pro pricing, a 14+" display should have been ready for this year. A disappointment for iPad Pro fans.

Mark Gurman's report this morning also point out the hypocrisy of Apple on USB-C over the years. Apple laid out a few arguments, including that the change would harm the environment — given that billions of obsolete cables may wind up in a landfill. Another rationale, floated by Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak last year, is the potentially harmful precedent of governments influencing product design.

Some of the real objections for not adopting USB-C sooner, according to Gurman, included a loss of licensing revenue from accessory makers using lightning; and, increase compatibility to Android's ecosystem making it easier for customers to defect from Apple;

Though USB-C’s compatibility with other devices will be sold as a benefit, it has a downside for Apple. In a few years, iPhone 15 users will have an easier time switching to some hot new Android device because they’ll already have accessories that work with it. (In this same vein, that’s why Apple has refused to release iMessage for Android or support the RCS texting standard.)

Gurman further pointed out that "one headache seems unavoidable. Even if Apple includes a USB-C cord with every new iPhone, users will need a compatible charging brick. And that’s unlikely to be part of the package." Over and above the new iPhone 15 costing more, according to rumors, having to shell out even more for a charging brick isn't going to be appreciated by Apple fans worldwide.

At Apple's September 12 event, Apple will introduce USB-C on their new iPhones and AirPods Pro. The new USB-C connectors should have the upside of faster charging in some models while delivering breakthrough data transfer speeds for the new high-end iPhone models.

For more on Gurman's Sunday report about USB-C, iOS 17 and other things, click here.

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