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Will Microsoft Introduce their Reinvented Surface Duo with a Single Foldable Display in September 2023 or 2024?

1 cover Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft took a big leap back in September 2020 when they released a two-display foldable smartphone branded Microsoft Surface Duo. It was different than the first Galaxy Z Fold from Samsung that introduced a large single display that folded. Samsung's foldable styled smartphones have now been copied by Xiaomi, OPPO, Google and others and so the 2-display form factor isn't being supported by developers. Back in June, Microsoft announced that it was dropping support for Surface Duo next month.

The Surface Duo was poorly designed device on multiple levels as laid in this June 2023 video. With that said, is the Surface Duo really dead in the water? Maybe – though a newly published Microsoft patent that came to light in Europe on August 10th suggests that Microsoft could introduce a single display that folds on a next-gen version of Surface Duo that will be able to compete with all other foldables out on the market.

Microsoft's patent FIG. 1 below shows one example of a foldable computing device using a large single displays with the hinge underneath the display; and FIG. 2 shows the computing device folded in a back-to-back orientation.

2 Msft foldable with single display

Will Microsoft boldly introduce this new form factor during their September 21 special event or delay it in wait for Qualcomm's Oryon processor that will compete with Apple's M3? Only time will tell.

For more details, review Microsoft's patent application WO2023150433 which was originally filed in January 2023 and published on August 10, 2023.  

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