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1 x cover Apple Vision Pro head adjustment system(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge)

Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to head-mountable devices, and, more particularly, to head-mountable devices with modular assemblies for fit adjustment. The first generation of Vision Pro allows a user to adjust the fit of the headset via its "Fit Dial." At some point in the future, Apple may automate the fitting process with a motorized system.

Apple's patent covers the Apple Vision Pro headset that can include modules that provide fit adjustment capabilities when assembled together. By providing head-mountable devices with modular features, certain modules can provide fit adjustment capabilities without requiring other modules to be custom designed or available in a wide variety of sizes and/or shapes.

For example, a light seal module that provides engagement of a user's face and transmits light from a display element can be coupled to an HMD module. The coupling module that couples the light seal to the HMD module can be provided in a wide variety of sizes and/or shapes to allow a user to select an appropriate one for optimal alignment of an HMD module. Additionally or alternatively, a light seal module can be provided with manual and/or automated adjustment capabilities to achieve the desired fit.

While today's Vision Pro headset uses a manual "Fit Dial" as presented in our cover graphic, Apple's patent verbiage for FIG. 9 includes the following: "Additionally or alternatively, adjustments described herein can be actively controlled by the head-mountable device itself. For example, adjustments can be made by one or more motors, actuators, and the like. Such mechanisms can be controlled by a process or other control circuitry of the head-mountable device 10, for example a component of the HMD module.

Apple's patent FIG. 2 below simply confirms that the invention relates to Apple Vision Pro; FIG. 7 shows multiple adjustment dials controlled by a single control dial operable by a user. Where multiple adjustment dials #232 are positioned at different locations (e.g., left and right sides), it can be desirable to make simultaneous adjustments to maintain balance between the different locations; FIG. 9 an enlarged view of a portion of the light seal module FIG. 10 below illustrates a block diagram of a head-mountable device (Vision Pro) that lists the use of a motor for the adjustment process.

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2  Apple patent adjustable fit system

For those interested in the Fit Dial for Apple Vision Pro, you could review its details in application number 20230251496.

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