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Apple is reportedly testing 3D Fabric Technology as TSMC plans to mass produce 3D Chip stacking packaging by 2027 for Apple and others

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In June 2021, Patently Apple posted a report titled "TSMC's 3DFabric Technology is the next big wave in Chip Design that Apple will take advantage of in the not-too-distant Future." The news was rolled into an Apple patent titled "High Density Interconnection using Fanout Interposer Chiplet."

TSMC's comprehensive 3D Fabric technology covering 3D Silicon Stacking and Advanced Packaging Technologies will deliver next-gen chips for high performance computing for Apple's higher-end Mac desktop and MacBooks for superior performance for high-end video and graphics apps, streaming of live sporting events, rendering mind-blowing special effects, AI, Machine Learning

Cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), neural network training, AI inferencing, mobile computing on advanced smartphones and even self-driving cars are all pushing the computing envelope.

Modern workloads have brought packaging technologies to the forefront for innovation and they are critical to a product's performance, function and cost. These modern workloads have pushed the product design to embrace a more holistic approach for optimization at the system level. 3DFabric offers our customers the freedom and advantage to design their products more holistically as a system of mini-chips that offers key advantages versus designing a larger monolithic die.

Today, a Taiwanese Financial Site called "MoneyDJ" that also covers technology news extensively for its 1.5 million members, reports that TSMC's 3D Fabric technology that includes CoWoS and SoIC technologies, has won the favor of Apple and AMD.

While it's unknown when Apple will begin to integrate 3D Fabric Technology for desktop and mobile devices,  the report noted that "Advanced technology, providing advanced SoIC (system on chip package), WoW (wafer on wafer), CoW (chip on wafer) technology will be mass produced in TSMC's sixth advanced packaging plant located in Zhuke Tongluo Park. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2026 and mass production will begin in the third quarter of 2027.

The technology site IT Home adds that sources believe that Apple will first introduce it in a MacBook Pro in the 2025-2027 time line at the earliest.  AMD will reportedly be the first customer to use this new technology, and in fact their MI300 already uses SoIC with CoWoS. More importantly, IT Home claims that Apple is already "trial producing 3D stacking technology SoIC in small quantities."

The pressure is on TSMC to ramp up their 3D Fabric and AI chip capacity. Last Friday,  Microsoft's CEO warned of service disruptions if it can’t get enough A.I. chips for its data centers. You could learn more about TSMC's 3D Fabric here.

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