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Tomorrow is going to mark another Major Milestone for Apple as they introduce their first generation Extended Reality Headset

1 cover - Patents Paved the road to a new milestone - the 2023 XR Headset

The wait for Apple's first XR Headset will finally be over tomorrow morning! Patently Apple was first to notice a patent trend for this category covering VR headsets and smartglasses before it was seriously discussed in the Apple community. That's what the core of what Patently Apple is about. Not just covering patents but also always on the hunt for emerging trends. We were first to cover iPhone patents that were first described as a media player with cellular connectivity. We also discovered the trend on tablets (iPad), a smartwatch (Apple Watch), Autonomous vehicles and more. For Apple's headset, we currently have over 400 patent reports. So the fact that Apple is going to finally release a major new product category tomorrow based on patents that we've covered since 2014 is really exciting.   

On Monday, Apple hopes to deliver the beginning of an all-new product category that will, like the iPhone and Apple Watch, take time to hit its stride. Yet even out of the gate, Apple's new XR Headset could set a series of industry firsts, starting with their advance display. It could over time usher in a new way to work, communicate and play.

In Mark Gurman's Sunday Power On newsletter he surmises that it could take Apple three to five years for their headset to become a mainstream hit. Being an all-new device, Apple is likely to  run into first-gen device hiccups while continually added new features to drive sales.  Gurman rightfully states that "it’s hard to bet against the company’s marketing, engineering and sales prowess. If anyone can make this product category a success, it’s Apple."

Gurman adds that "The headset announcement will be part of Apple’s keynote address at its Worldwide Developers Conference, and it’s likely to be a long presentation — more than two hours — in order to jam everything in. Beyond the headset, Apple has to cover myriad changes to its software platforms and the company is expected to roll out other new hardware, such as fresh Macs.

Like last year, the keynote will be a pre-recorded video played outside at the Apple Park headquarters, but the space will be shaded and larger, letting the company accommodate more people. Apple’s 'State of the Union' presentation, which is targeted at developers, will follow the keynote."

Gurman was also told that Apple has set up two demonstration areas to show off the new products. One spot will be inside the Steve Jobs Theater, possibly to highlight the new Macs. The other will be a temporary structure that’s a roughly 15-minute walk away — atop the Apple Park soccer field and by its basketball courts — and it will likely house the headset. 

This structure has been under construction for weeks and is quite large. It should allow Apple to show off the headset in a quieter, climate-controlled environment — for a select group that Apple wants to see the headset. The company built a similar structure for the Apple Watch launch in 2014." For more, read the full Bloomberg report.

After nine-years of following and reporting on Apple's eyewear patents ahead of the crowd, it's going to be a blast for myself along with our fans to finally see yet another new major device unfold.

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