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According to the Financial section of Taiwan's United Daily News, the countdown to the launch of the new iPhone 15 series is counting down. Foxconn Zhengzhou Park, the largest foundry of Hon Hai, is in full swing to recruit workers. At present, about 1,000 people are recruited every day. In the peak shipping season, there is a chance to reach the level of about 10,000 daily recruits.

The industry expects that the first batch of iPhone 15 series new models this year is estimated to be 85 million units in stock, which will remain at the high-end level last year. The main foundries Hon Hai and Pegatron are expected to benefit.

Based on mainland media reports, since May, several Foxconn campuses under Hon Hai have continued to expand recruitment, and the Zhengzhou campus has increased recruitment bonuses three times. People familiar with the matter said that the number of new employees currently recruited by Foxconn Zhengzhou Park is nearly 1,000 per day. In addition to Foxconn, many suppliers such as Luxshare and Pegatron are also recruiting workers.

In order to sprint into the mass production of new machines, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou campus offers a base salary of RMB 2,200 (US$304) to those returning to work for the first time after resignation, and an incentive bonus of RMB 7,500 (US$1,037) for the peak season.

The staff of the recruitment hotline of Foxconn's Zhengzhou campus said that the number of recruits per day is now around 1,000, which is still far behind the peak daily recruitment of 10,000. Every July to September is the peak season for employment, and the current recruitment progress is still in the climbing stage.

Sources in the supply chain said that before the mass production of each new generation of Apple machines, the most busy process of the foundry is the upgrading and transformation of the production line. Generally speaking, Foxconn will spend four months to reroute and transform the production line before the mass production of new products. More than 80% of the production line upgrades will be completed before the end of August, and the remaining 20% ​​of the production capacity is mainly to prepare for the possible shortage of late-stage products.

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