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10.0z22 cover (Ming-Chi Kuo)

This morning famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a few simple research notes on the iPhone 15 and more as follows:

  • Apple will aggressively upgrade hardware specifications to build a more competitive ecosystem for Vision Pro
  • The ecosystem is one of the key success factors for Vision Pro, including the integration with other Apple hardware products, and related main hardware specifications are Wi-Fi and UWB.
  • iPhone 15 will likely see a specification upgrade of UWB, with the production process moving from 16nm to more advanced 7nm, allowing for improved performance or reduced power consumption for nearby Interactions.
  • iPhone 16 will likely upgrade to Wi-Fi 7, which will be more conducive to Apple's integration of hardware products running on the same local network and provide a better ecosystem experience.


10.X - Research notes & Rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo


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