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This week an Apple Patent revealed work on a Tablet-Laptop Hybrid device just as Google is set to introduce their first-ever Foldable Smartphone

1 cover Pixel Fold

This week Google released a teaser video snippet of their first-ever foldable smartphone, the 'Pixel Fold' on Twitter to get their fan based pumped for their Google I/O developer conference that begins on Wednesday.

For those living in a multiplatform world who are curious as to what to  expect at this year's Google I/O starting Wednesday, Engadget's Cherlynn Low has posted an 8 minute video about all the rumors to date.

For those wanting to know every scrap of news about the Pixel fold ahead of time could also check out Jon Prosser's YouTube Video on this here.

Coincidentally an Apple patent update was published this week by the U.S. Patent Office covering a possible future foldable device. The company added 20 new patent claims to their invention with all of them revealing that the foldable device being described was in fact for a "laptop" styled foldable.

2 foldable patent figure from Apple Inc

Although Lenovo was first to introduce a tablet-notebook device, the foldable tablet-notebook hybrid category of devices will be coming to market in force with Microsoft and partners in the next 18 months.

The group may be delaying the release of these new devices awaiting Qualcomm's coming Arm-based Oryon processor. This chip is designed to be an Apple M-Chip challenger.

Apple's iPad has been the hands-down category killer for well over a decade and this new breed of hybrid devices coming from heavy-weight PC makers is out to overtake Apple's tablet dominance.  

Apple's patent this week made it clear that should this category actually take-hold in the market, they're ready to strike with similar device of their own.

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