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In March, Patently Apple posted a report titled "While Apple's initial XR Headset displays will be supplied by LG & Sony, Samsung is developing a new OLEDoS display." In new supply chain news today, OLED firm eMagin announced late yesterday that it will be merging with Samsung Display and secure RGB OLED on silicon (OLEDoS) technology for expanded reality devices through the merger. This fits well with Samsung Display’s plan to develop RGB OLEDoS in the long term to supply to key customer Apple.

For RGB OLEDoS, the challenge is to deposit the subpixels densely together, which is very difficult. The US-based eMagin previously stated that its RGB OLEDoS was superior in efficiency and lifespan to W-OLED and color filter technology.

It called its technology direct patterning technology (dPd), because it doesn’t use a color filter. The company also said it has its own silicon backplane technology.

Lastly, The Elec reports that Samsung Display is planning to develop both W-OLED and color filter method as well as RGB OLEDoS. It will be supplying the former to parent company Samsung Electronics and the latter to Apple.

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