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Samsung is considering to move the introduction of their the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to July from August as Google is set to launch their Pixel Fold

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With Samsung delivering its worst quarterly profit in 14 years, the tech giant is reportedly considering to launch their next generation of the Galaxy Z Fold smartphone weeks earlier than usual in the hopes of saving their current quarter from further declines.

While Samsung appears to still be on track for their August Unpacked event that will introduce updates to their Galaxy Flip smartphones, the company is seriously thinking of introducing their next-gen Galaxy Z Fold in mid to late July.

Coincidentally Google will be introducing their first Pixel Fold smartphone at the I/O event on May 10. The new phones are likely to only start shipping in late June. Any Google customer buying a new Pixel Fold won't be buying Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold and that could make matters worse for Samsung sales. The U.S. is a major Samsung market and losing sales to Google could be very painful for the company.  

Samsung's Galaxy Flip 5 smartphone shipment will help sales going into Q4 2023.

According to The Elec, "Some component production plans have already been fast-forwarded by two to three weeks in anticipation of this plan being signed off but other components are still stuck in their original plan for an August launch." On that basis, Samsung may be banking on preorders to save the day, with shipments sometime in August.

In mid-April, Patently Apple reported that the Pixel Fold will reportedly provide the “most durable hinge on a foldable” smartphone. In late-April, there was news that Samsung was having issues with their Z Fold hinge. So it's no wonder that Samsung is pounding the drum on the Korean tech site The Elec, that Samsung is planning to introduce a new 'water drop' style of hinge.   

The news of Samsung possibly rushing their next-gen Z Fold phone to market in July could actually boost Google fan enthusiasm for the company's first Pixel Fold. Google's executives may smell blood in the water and put an extra effort in their launch of the Pixel Fold next week. To be sure, it's going to be an interesting Keynote not to be missed.  

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