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Rumor claims that Apple is preparing to launch Beats Studio Buds+

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Apple is rumored to be working on the launch of new Beats-brands earbuds. The company is rumored to launch the new Beats Studio Buds+ in the US and a few other markets. The upcoming truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds from Beats are likely an upgraded version of the original model, which came out in 2021. Apple or Beats have not confirmed any details about the launch of the Studio Buds+. However, the launch of the rumored Beats TWS earbuds seems imminent as they have been spotted on the NCC certification website.

The Apple Beats Studio Buds+ will be the company’s new pair of premium TWS earbuds launching in various markets. The Studio Buds+ have been spotted on the NCC certification website, which has revealed the design of the earbuds and the case. The earbuds have an in-ear design with silicon ear tips for better grip. There is no stem but the earbuds do have cutouts for the microphones.

The left earbud has the model number A2782, whereas the right one has the model number A2781. There is also a pebble-shaped charging case, which has the model number A2780. It comes with the Beats logo upfront, below which is the charging indicator. The charging case has a USB Type-C port at the bottom. Beats will also bundle a small USB Type-C to Type-C cable.

The earbuds were also spotted recently on the IMDA certification website. In addition to this, the Studio Buds+ was spotted on the FCC website and in the internal files of iOS 16.4.

The source code revealed that the Studio Buds+ will offer support for audio sharing. There will also be support for Apple’s “Hey Siri,” and automatic device switching. In addition to this, the TWS earbuds will feature a custom developed Beats chip, similar to what we see in Apple’s audio products like AirPods Pro. For images of the design revealed Via NCC, read the full report at mysmartprice report.

The Indian tech site mysmartprice has been noted in the Apple community as an accurate rumor source. This is our first time reporting with this site as a source. We'll stay on top of this rumor to see it pans out.

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