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Parade Technologies has won orders from Apple for their USB 4 Timer Chips

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According to a new report from Taiwan's United Daily News, Apple's new iPhone 15 series will be the first iPhone equipped with a Type C interface. It is reported that Apple has asked Parade Technologies to assist in introducing Paradise's USB 4. The timer (retimer) chip has become a major selling point of the new iPhone 15 series.

USB 4 has data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, almost twice the speed of USB 3.0. This lets you transfer high-capacity files, like 4K movies and graphics, in seconds. It's also an ideal technology for connecting multiple monitors and external video displays.

Parade Technologies, headquartered in San Jose with offices in Taiwan, China and Japan,   is already in Apple's supply chain for parts for iPad and the MacBook. Going forward,  Parade has won new orders from Apple, becoming a member of the supply chain of the Type C ecosystem of the new iPhone 15 series.

This will add greater momentum to its performance, mainly because the new iPhone 15 series is the first to introduction of the Type C interface on an iPhone.

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