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Apple's iPhone market share grew in Latin America in Q1 with Apple's CEO acknowledging that it was indeed a Record Quarter

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During Apple's Financial Conference Call on May 4, Apple's CEO stated that "We set an all-time record for Services and a March quarter record for iPhone. We were particularly pleased with the performance we saw in emerging markets and achieved all-time records in Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE, as well as a number of March quarter records, including in Brazil, Malaysia and India."

2 IPHONE 14 ASSEMBLED IN BRAZIL(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge)

It was revealed earlier this month by MacMagazine that Foxconn Brazil now assembles Apple's iPhone 14 in that country. Whether this accounts for Apple's better performance in Brazil in Q1 is unknown at this time, though a new Counterpoint smartphone report on the Latin American market hints that it may.

A new Counterpoint report published yesterday noted that "Apple has been aggressively driving sales by offering a memory upgrade in the iPhone 14 and some subsidies for many of its products." 

Yet in the big picture, the real driving force for Apple's YoY growth, according to Counterpoint, was the iPhone 11, a 4G model.

Although the overall Latin American (LATAM) smartphone market in Q1 2023 declined by 9.95 on weak consumer demand, four out of the top five major brands delivered growth except for Samsung that dropped by 2.6% as presented in the chart below. 

3 counterpoint LATAM Q1 2023 chart(Click on the Chart to Enlarge)

For more statistics on the performance of Apple's competitors, review the full Counterpoint report by Senior Analyst Tina Lu.

10.0F1 - Apple Market Statistics Bar


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