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A rumor report surfacing earlier today claims that your iPhone might soon display more than a handful of tiny widgets when it's locked. Bloomberg, in an effort to get ahead of certain announcements at WWDC23, reports that an iOS 17 update will introduce a lock screen that effectively turns an iPhone into a smart display when sitting on its side [on a stand].  

More specifically, the rumor claims that user's will reportedly see calendar items, notifications and other details in a high-contrast layout reminiscent of what you'd see on an Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub. The new lock screen is said to be more advanced than the one Google brought to Android 10 in 2019, and comparable to an Amazon Fire tablet feature.

2 iPhone on a stand side ways will open new widgets in iOS 17

The Bloomberg report further noted that Apple is expected to introduce iOS 17 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5th, and release the finished version no earlier than September. There's no mention of whether or not the iPad would similar functionality.

It's being rumored that Apple is developing multiple smart home devices that could include a mountable screen.

Lastly, iOS 17 is already rumored to include a number of significant changes, such as app sideloading (in at least some countries), improvements to SharePlay video collaboration and be easier to AirPlay content to hotel TVs and other devices you don't own.

While most Apple fans are content to wait for the official WWDC23 keynote announcements, there's little doubt that more rumors are likely to leak prior to the event.  So stay tuned

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