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1 cover Apple Watch Ultra band packaging

Today Apple was granted two design patents relating to Apple Watch in Hong Kong, specifically for Watch Band packaging. Apple is also on record in Hong Kong for filing 2 new trademarks with one specifically covering "Apple Music" that contains Chinese characters.

Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.

Today the Hong Kong's Patent Office published two granted design patents for Apple Watch band packaging. The first is for band packaging relating to Apple Watch Ultra under number 2321162.4M002.

2 Apple Watch Ultra - band packaging granted patent in Hong Kong May 5  2023

Below is a part of the Hong Kong Patent Office's Registration (Granted) Design Patent form listing the basic information about the design. Apple filled for their design patent under Locarno Class 09-03 covering "boxes, containers, cases" and more. 

(Click on the form below to Enlarge)3 Hong Kong Patent Office Granted - Registered - Design Patent for Apple Watch Ultra Watch Band Packaging - PATENTLY APPLE

Apple was also granted a design patent for the Apple Watch 8 accessory band under #2321162.4M001 as presented in-part below.

4 apple watch 8 band packaging

Lastly, Apple filed for two trademarks in Hong Kong this week. The first trademark application #306230114 is for Apple Music, which I believe includes Chinese Characters. The Apple Music logo trademark was filed under International Classes 9 and 42. While the coverage is quite elaborate, class 09 basically covers Apple devices including Apple TV plus  music files and multimedia content; downloadable musical sound recordings; downloadable computer software for accessing a searchable database of music and lyrics; downloadable computer software feature for vocal enhancement and lyric differentiation for self-guided interactive entertainment purposes. Apple's class 42 basically covers Providing non-downloadable software; software as a service (SaaS); platform as a service (PaaS); infrastructure as a service (IaaS); application service provider (ASP); providing non-down.

5 2 new Apple Trademark filings in Hong Kong

The second trademark application #306221763 is for Apple TV in context with merchandizing such as Clothing; clothing jackets; sports jackets; fleece jackets; down jackets; wind resistant jackets; rain jackets; shirts; t-shirts; sports shirts; tank tops; athletic uniforms; sweatshirts; hooded sweatshirts; sweaters; scarves; jerseys being clothing; sports jerseys; shorts; pants; warm up suits; sweat suits; gloves; gloves for apparel; ties as clothing; neckties; soccer bibs; European football bibs; sleepwear; underwear; socks; wristbands as clothing; footwear; sneakers; headwear; caps being headwear; visors being headwear; sun visors being headwear; hats; headbands.

Patently Apple covered the U.S. trademark filing for this in April. Our report's cover graphic illustrated the soccer players having the figurative "Apple TV" logo on their sleeves. This is one of the applications covered by Apple's trademark filings.  

10.0X2 Trademarks & Designs Bar


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