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Apple Releases a new Privacy related video in China starring Martial Artist Donnie Yen and more

1 cover new video with martial artist  Donnie Yen (Click on image to Enlarge)

Donnie Yen Ji-dan is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, and action director. Regarded as one of Hong Kong's top action stars. He's now in a new Apple ad presented on Apple's website in China. The theme of the advertisement is "to ensure personal information security, this is very iPhone." Other than the theme song being in Chinese, the rest of the ad is all action with Donnie Yen stopping advertisers from following iPhone owners.

More specifically, Donnie Yen appears in the office, supermarket, outdoors, launching a new app, etc. in the image of Apple's privacy protection, showing off Chinese kung fu, punching and kicking various behaviors of spying on users' privacy , vividly showing that the iPhone's built-in A range of privacy features. These features include App tracking transparency, health App HealthKit information protection, Safari intelligent anti-tracking, Safe Enclave-encrypted Face ID data, and more. Watch the new Apple video.

2 Apple Privacy China

You could visit the Apple China website here for more.

Privacy on iPhone | The Waiting Room | Apple

Apple also released a new English ad about Privacy on your iPhone related to your health data. Apple notes, "Worried your most personal data might get into the wrong hands? The Health app on iPhone helps you control who sees your health data—and who doesn’t. Because when it comes to your health, privacy matters."

See how to keep your health data private here.

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