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Apple has filed new Trademarks this month including one for 'SignChat,' a new Accessibility Service now available in Germany

1 x SignChat in Germany

Apple Inc. is a leader in providing accessibility features. Earlier this month we posted a report titled "Apple previews software features for cognitive, speech and vision accessibility that are coming later this year." On May 17, Apple posted a press release titled "AssistiveWare ushers in next generation of augmentative and alternative communication technology." Late last week the European Union's Intellectual Property Office published a new Apple trademark filing for "SignChat." While it doesn't yet exist in the U.S., it does in Germany. Our cover graphic is a translation from Apple's German website. Apple states: Welcome to your SignChat session. Individual sessions with sign language interpreters for purchasing advice and support." How to use the service is found on Apple's support page here. The EU trademark application in-part is presented below.


The trademark was filed under International Classes 09, 35,37,38,41 and 42. The descriptions are too long to reproduce, so you could review the list in full here.

Although 'SignChat' can be found in Google Play, it's for a messaging app and not for a sign language service.

Figurative Trademark for 'Add to Apple Wallet & Health'

Last week Apple filed for the Figurative Trademark for 'Add to Apple Wallet & Health under number 98001764 as presented in-part below.

(Click on image below to Enlarge) 3 x Apple Figurative Trademark application for 'Add to Apple Wallet & Health

Apple filed their trademark under International Class 042 covering: "Electronic data storage; providing non-downloadable computer software in the field of health care; providing online non-downloadable software for downloading and storage of information, data, and records in the fields of health care, medicine, and medical records" In concert, Apple released a new ad this week relating to Privacy and Health data. Apple notes:  "Worried your most personal data might get into the wrong hands? The Health app on iPhone helps you control who sees your health data—and who doesn’t. Because when it comes to your health, privacy matters."

(Click on the image to Enlarge)
4 Figurative Trademark image of 'Add to Apple Wallet & Health

Apple Trademark Filing for 'Rap Life'

Earlier this month Apple filed for the trademark 'Rap Life' under serial #97403751 under International Class 41 covering: "entertainment services, namely providing an ongoing radio program in the field of music; production and distribution of radio programs, videos, podcasts and sound recordings in the field of music; entertainment services, namely providing ongoing podcasts in the fields of entertainment and music; provision of information relating to music; entertainment services, namely curating songs for music playlists; entertainment services, namely compiling and publishing music playlists; providing non-downloadable customized music playlists via the internet and other communications networks; selecting non-downloadable music recordings to create musical playlists for others and publishing those musical playlists; providing a website portal featuring links to musical sound recordings; provision of live entertainment, namely, musical performances."

(Click on image to Enlarge)5. x Apple's TM filing in-part for 'Rap Life'

Apple's Supplied 'Specimen' for the Apple Music trademark 'Rap Life' 

(Click on image to Enlarge) 6 FINAL --  Rap Life  Apple Specimen in-part

Apple Specimen

The U.S. Patent Office defines a specimen as being an example of how a company is actually using their trademark in the marketplace with the goods or services in their application. It's what consumers see when they are considering whether to purchase goods or subscribe to services that Apple provides in connection with their trademark.

10.0X2 Trademarks & Designs Bar


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